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Discover a pathway to holistic well-being with the transformative art of Reiki healing. Immerse yourself in a gentle and rejuvenating experience that unlocks your body's innate ability to heal and find balance. Through nurturing touch, Reiki's soothing energy flows, washing away stress and promoting relaxation. Whether you seek relief from physical discomfort, mental & emotional stress, or simply a moment of serenity, Reiki offers a sanctuary for your body, mind, and spirit.

$40 | 30 mins
$75 | 60 mins
$100 | 90 mins

Holistic Life Coaching

Ready to become your best self? Using a mind, body, spirit approach, this unique modality of Holistic Life Coaching will help you transform those old, negative thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle habits that are keeping you stuck and frustrated. Learn to reveal your unlimited potential so that you can embrace true happiness, freedom, and confidence and achieve your heart's desires.


Available at Alliance Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

(757) 460-7870

2712 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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Amanda Aksel is a wellness and self-development enthusiast with a passion for helping others evolve into their highest potential. She earned a B.A. in Psychology and has over a decade of experience as a young women's leader in her local community.

With her heart-centered, judgment-free approach, Amanda creates a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to fully express themselves as they embark on a transformative journey of personal growth, healing, and empowerment.

Certified Therapeutic Life Coach & Reiki Master


Amanda's compassionate nature, sense of humor, and abundant positive energy instantly puts others at ease. As a practiced listener, she can hear the emotions and desires that lie within the hearts of those she assists. Through her guidance and support, she helps individuals harness their unique potential, enabling them to manifest their dreams and experience happiness and peace.​

When Amanda isn't facilitating Reiki energy or encouraging her clients, she's obsessively deepening her knowledge of holistic wellness, watching a comedy special with her husband, attempting balance on her yoga mat, or writing a quirky novel.​

If you feel like you're lost in the sauce, stuck in your circumstances, yearning for clarity, dealing with a chronic illness, or just plain "off" and don't know why, Amanda is here to support you.

What to expect during your 60 min Reiki session

Reiki Info

You'll be welcomed into a comfortable, soothing environment with soft lighting, gentle music, and relaxing aromatherapy (optional for those who are sensitive to scents). It's very similar to a massage spa, except you'll remain fully clothed as you relax onto the Reiki table where you can bundle up in a cozy blanket and rest your eyes with a luxurious eye pillow.


We'll review your intentions for the session and any areas of concern you want to address. Reiki includes light touch around the head, torso, and lower legs. If you're more comfortable with a hands-off session, I can work slightly above the body.


Once I scan and assess the body's energy field, I'll begin channeling Reiki energy. Everyone experiences Reiki differently, and your unique experience is perfect for you. You may feel sensations such as warmth, cold, tingling, or a gentle pulsing and shifting, or a feeling of peaceful lightness as the energy flows within your body.


It is not uncommon to have memories or images come up while receiving a Reiki treatment. You may also experience emotional responses during or after a session as the energy helps release emotional blockages. This can lead to a sense of emotional clarity and release. Reiki can promote a heightened sense of self-awareness and introspection. Many gain insights into their emotions, thoughts, or life situations. Of course, you may not experience any sensations and will only enjoy deep relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing your body's natural healing process to activate.


At the end of your session, I'll allow you a few minutes to awaken from your Reiki treatment so you can take your time sitting up. We will review any insights received from your session and go over any post-session recommendations while you sip on a fresh glass of water. After your session, it's recommended to stay hydrated and allow yourself quiet time to integrate the experience. Benefits from Reiki may be experienced immediately or over a series of sessions. In any case, you'll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Coaching Info

What to expect from Holistic Life Coaching

You'll be invited into a warm, nurturing environment where you can express your thoughts and feelings freely without judgment. During your initial session, we'll get a broad view of the frustrating or heart-aching challenges that are keeping you stuck, then look ahead to your hopes and desires for a happier, freer, and more empowered future.

Using my experience and expertise, I'll create a holistic roadmap that will help guide us to your breakthrough and success. This approach can include, but is not limited to, exploring limiting thought and behavior patterns, developing simple wellness habits that will support your overall physical and mental health, learning effective tools for those stressful, triggering moments in life, creating exciting and doable action steps that allow you to move toward your desired goals, and receiving the cutting-edge Energy Transformation Therapy (E.T.T.) that facilitates massive change and healing.

Our sessions will serve as the support you need to heal, grow, and level up on your journey so you can create the most amazing life!

How many sessions will I need?

That completely depends on where you are and where you want to go. Your initial session will inform how we proceed and the timeline. The intention of coaching is not to continue over long stretches of time like talk therapy. My goal is for you to heal and grow through this process so that you no longer need coaching. But of course, I will always be available if you need support or want to level up even more!

Holistic Life Coaching is perfect for those who:

• Want more out of life but feel stuck in their circumstances
• Struggle to find the energy to get through the week
• Want to get off the hamster wheel and start a new career or creative endeavor
• Feel lost in the sauce and want clarity and direction
• Experience negative, repeating patterns in relationships, work, and health
• Battle with chronic illness and health challenges
• Want to develop self-confidence and feel empowered to create abundant health, wealth, and happiness
• Are ready to confront old, unhelpful thoughts and feelings, and are serious about making positive changes by investing in themselves

Holistic Life Coaching is not for those who:

• Don't want to take responsibility for themselves and their situation
• Are unwilling to face their emotions
• Don't value themselves enough to invest in their growth and healing


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