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You're here because you're ready.

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You know you’re special, right?

Deep down in your bones, you know that you're destined for something extraordinary but you just don’t know how to start living that creative, fulfilling life you know is waiting for you. 
Here’s the thing, you don't have to stay stuck playing small, lost in the sauce of self-doubt, and wondering if you’re good enough. Because . . . spoiler alert!




And if you’re still reading this it’s because you’re READY to shine like the SUPERSTAR you were born to be!
The question is, how do you want to shine your light? Maybe you want to start a business so you can finally leave that 9-5 job that’s leaving you feeling lifeless and frustrated. Or maybe you already wear an entrepreneur hat. You’re doing ALL the things but you’re still not seeing a return on your blood, sweat, and tears investment and you feel like an imposter. 
Well, my friend, it’s not just you. Many of us have been caught in the "I don't know where to start" web or played the "I can't do it or what if it all falls apart" game. And don't even get me started on the "Who's gonna pay me big bucks for this?" rollercoaster.
You might have hit some bumps in the past, but guess what? The time has come for you to break free from the fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty. Because you’re not lazy. You’re not worthless. You’ve just got old patterns of thoughts and beliefs that are overdue for an upgrade.
Let’s toss that baggage of endless frustration, crippling self-doubt, and fear of what everyone will think out the window, and open the door to creative freedom, financial abundance, and a deep sense of peace. 
Stick with me and I’ll guide you in revealing the courage to get out of your own way and embrace the awesome sauce you've been hiding. I know you’re ready to meet the radiantly independent, glowingly confident, and wildly successful YOU! 
You don’t need all the answers like your perfectionist-brain tells you. All you need to do is take the next step, and click that pretty, pink button. 
Why? Because you and your beautiful dreams are worth investing in. 


Hi there!

I'm Amanda Aksel,

your Holistic Life Coach. 

All my life, I believed I was special. That I was born with some kind of superpower, a unique ability that I was meant for something great. I have a feeling you can relate. 

Inspired by TV shows like Sailor Moon and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I spent much of my childhood waiting for a talking black cat messenger to cross my path and reveal my gifts. But like most of us, I had many painful childhood experiences that began when my younger brother passed away from a rare cancer when I was seven. My parents’ subsequent divorce and a cross-country move multiplied an already devastating loss. Being confronted with the death of my closest companion and sibling at such a young age caused me to ask a lot of questions about death. But most of all, I learned early on that life is precious. I decided that no matter what, I was going to make the most of mine. 

When I eventually grew up, I let go of the fanciful notion of a talking black cat but held fast that I had something special to offer the world. It wasn’t until 2012 when I encountered my mentor’s humanistic spirit that the message had been delivered. 

I had a deep knowing that I was put on this earth to realize my full potential of courage, compassion, wisdom, vitality, and joy. I understood my development would be my greatest work of art. A sense of power and purpose arose inside of me, and with it came immense responsibility. Because we are all incredibly powerful, co-creators who were made for this wild ride called life. That day, I was imparted with a great mission to help others believe in the power of their life too. 

Since then I have engraved these words in my heart:

“When you light the way for others, your path will also become bright.” –Daisaku Ikeda. 

I have spent my entire adult life enthusiastically studying and implementing self-development practices from the greatest minds–everything from holistic wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, productivity & energy, and human revolution. And I want to share my knowledge and experience with YOU!

So if you're lost in the sauce, stuck in your circumstances, yearning for clarity, not living your best life and don't know why, let’s talk!

What Happy Clients Are Saying

Since I've been working with Amanda, my life has changed in the best possible ways. When we first met I was wanting to transition out of an unfulfilling career and was terrified to take any next steps but I knew I could not stay where I was.

Through her guidance I have been able to work through my self doubt- the negative voice in my own head- that has always been holding me back. She has helped me recognize where that doubt is coming from, how the fears I hear are really not my own but from others, and helped me gain confidence to take steps in the career path I have dreamed of. 1000% recommend!

-Roxanne S.

I felt comfortable with Amanda immediately. Within the first session she got me to open up about deep issues that I hadn't dealt with yet. Everything from my high anxiety to my past relationship traumas were touched upon and examined.


I came to peace with so many aspects of my life and feel stronger and ready to advocate for myself. The energy work always brought emotions to the surface to allow healing and a sense of deserving that I'd been lacking. I highly recommend working with Amanda Aksel.

-Wendy H. 

I’ve always known what I wanted to do in life and always felt that I knew my true potential. Being a responsible adult stuck me in a “what I should do” box rather than the “what makes me happy” one.


The life coaching sessions with Amanda really helped me put things into a much different and more positive perspective. It helped me compartmentalize my wants and needs while also instilling in me that anything is possible, you just have to allow yourself to reframe the big picture. 10 out of 10 recommend this! 

Lauren J.

While working with Amanda , I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Amanda’s unique insight, her attention to the not so obvious, lends to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. I am blessed our paths have crossed. She is indeed exceptional.

-Robyn D. 

YOU are your greatest work

Working with me, you can expect:

Clarity and direction for your life and business

Improved confidence and personal empowerment

To overcome roadblocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Enhanced energy, creativity, and intuition 

Reduced stress and emotional healing

A roadmap to YOUR fulfillment and success


You want to work with me if you: 

Want more out of life but feel stuck in your circumstances

Struggle to find the energy to get through the week

Want to get off the hamster wheel and start a new career or creative endeavor

Feel lost in the sauce and want clarity and direction

Experience negative, repeating patterns in relationships, work, and health

Want to develop self-confidence and feel empowered to create abundant health, wealth, and happiness

You won’t want to work with me if you:

Don't want to take responsibility for your life and business

Are unwilling to confront old, unhelpful thoughts and feelings

Don't have any interest in investing in your growth, healing, and success

Want to know if coaching is right for you? Schedule a free 15 minute call with me to find out!

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