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Two down-on-their-luck comedians embark on a road tour and find more than a few good laughs on the way.

Olivia Vincent dreams of stand-up comedy stardom. Bustling around a busy Manhattan office by day and hustling from club to club by night, she can’t catch a break. Work is falling through the cracks, and after ditching a major client to make a performance, Olivia gets the boot.  

Determined to pursue her dreams, she snags an audition in Los Angeles for a coveted spot on late-night TV. But the only way to get there is to join seasoned stand-up Nick Leto on a cross-country road tour. She agrees on one condition—no funny business.

Icky comedy condos, tiny smoking nightclubs, and Nick’s incessant classic rock radio are a far cry from life on the Upper East Side. Reality sets in, and Olivia wonders if she can hack it in showbiz or if she’s just a hack. As Nick helps Olivia improve her act along the way, sparks begin to fly and ignite what they thought was an impossible flame. Maybe being stuck with Nick in a Jeep isn’t so bad. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of Olivia’s actual funny business.

Praise for No Funny Business


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“Brimming with pop culture references and hilarious situations, No Funny Business is a smart, sharp look at the world of stand-up comedy. It was a joy to watch Olivia learn that the only thing riskier than stepping on stage is falling in love."—Kerry Winfrey, author of Very Sincerely Yours

"Don't let the title fool you. There's plenty of funny business in No Funny Business, but like the best stand-up acts, there's also a whole lot of heart. Readers will cheer for Olivia as she follows her own heart for a chance at the life and love she truly deserves...without ever having to fake it."—Meredith Schorr, author of As Seen On TV

“Packed full of laugh-out-loud moments and characters you can't help but root for, No Funny Business will have readers smiling until their cheeks hurt. I had a blast venturing into Olivia's world of stand-up comedy. This charming book was a welcome reminder of the importance of chasing your dreams—and being willing to laugh at yourself along the way.”—Kerry Rea, author of The Wedding Ringer

“No Funny Business packs all the laughs and so much heart.”—Sarah Echavarre Smith, author of The Boy With The Bookstore


"Books that make me laugh out loud are more precious than ever these days, and No Funny Business certainly delivers! Aksel has written a fresh, fun-filled story about the path to healing and self-fulfillment. No Funny Business has a happy energy and playfulness throughout, with a focus on chasing your dreams against all odds. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for pop culture jokes, and Seinfeld fans: you'll love all the references in this one! Another feel-good, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with heart from Amanda Aksel."—Devon Daniels, author of Meet You in the Middle

"No Funny Business by Amanda Aksel is no joke - the chemistry is electric between Olivia and Nick. Bringing the literal 'com' to the 'rom,' this upbeat, fresh romance will have you grinning from page one."—Amy Lea, author of Set on You


"No Funny Business is a quick, romantic read that will have you rooting for main characters Olivia & Nick from page one. Shenanigans, snafus, laughs, and romance dominates this book. Every new scene and character add to their chemistry until these two finally figure out they're destined for one another. I literally loved it from page one. A truly joyful, romantic book in all the ways you crave. You'll ignore your family until you've read the last page, it's that good!"—Aimee Brown, author of The Lucky Dress


"No Funny Business is all funny business. If you are a fan of stand-up comedy, madcap road trips, romance, and strong female characters, you will love this book."—Sam Tschida, author of Siri, Who Am I?


"Brimming with endless witty banter, a few hilarious detours, and a surprising level of depth, No Funny Business is the perfect getaway for anyone who's looking for a truly inspiring story filled with nonstop laughter and plenty of heart. One of the best reads I've had in years! No joke."—Chelsea Fine, author of Best Kind of Broken

“Good sarcastic banter, discussions of top comedians and enough food descriptions to make me salivate.”—USA Today



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If you had one day to rewrite the rules you live by, would you? Delia Reese takes the financial world by storm in this breakout novel that’s 13 Going on 30 meets She’s the Man.

Just once, Delia Reese wants to be the one calling the shots—not the one waiting to be called. Despite her stellar resume, hiring managers at the big banks won’t give her a chance.

Following yet another failed interview, Delia commiserates with her roommates and drunkenly finds herself wishing she had the advantages that come with being a man. If society wasn’t locked into gender roles, she’d be climbing the corporate ladder in designer heels with no apologies. By morning, her mirror reflects a surprising makeover.

Now that the world sees her as a man, Delia’s determined to double down on society’s double standards. With a smart suit and powerfully pink necktie, she hits New York’s financial district with a big gamble in mind.





“In Delia Suits Up, her ‘Wall Street’ meets ‘Freaky Friday’ experience forces Delia to rethink everything that she values in life, and puts a whole new spin on girl power.”—kc dyer, author of Eighty Days to Elsewhere


“A delightfully fun yet thought-provoking page-turner. Ms. Aksel delivers a smart, sexy tale of a woman determined to smash the glass ceiling who discovers that sometimes the most courageous thing you can be is yourself.”—Melanie Summers, bestselling author of The Royal Treatment 


“Delia Suits Up is a hilarious, laugh-out-loud, thoroughly entertaining story from the first page to the last.” —Helena Hunting, New York Times bestselling author


“See life through a different lens in this thought-provoking, creatively told skewering of societal norms—perfect for fans of Freaky Friday and She’s the Man.”—Julie Valerie, bestselling author of Holly Banks Full of Angst

“Delia Suits Up is warm, witty, and absolutely wonderful. A winner.”—Meredith Schorr, author of As Seen On TV 

Praise for Delia Suits Up!

My Two Husbands_3D Paperback.png


"If you love this genre, this is a must read!" --Reviewer

Just me.
My husband AND my ex.
Living under the same roof.
What could possibly go wrong?

Natalie is happily remarried to her sweet, handsome husband, Kyle. Meanwhile, her strong and sexy ex, Jake, lives in their loft over the garage. Did I mention Jake and Kyle are best friends? It’s been a harmonious arrangement . . . until now.

When Natalie mistakenly says her ex’s name at the worst possible moment, her husband questions whether or not she still has feelings for him. But how could she possibly still love Jake after what he did?

**My Two Husbands is told in an alternating timeline. You’ll discover how Natalie’s past rivals her present. Will Natalie have to choose between her two husbands? Or will you? If you love humor, heat, and piña coladas, then you’ll absolutely adore Natalie, Kyle, and Jake’s story.

Get My Two Husbands and enjoy the escape today!



“I don’t care about rules. I just want you.”

Designing seductive lingerie is my whole world. Business isn’t exactly booming so I need to do something bold.

And fast. 

Luckily, Lux—the world’s leading fashion magazine—wants to do a full-page spread on my lacy designs during fashion week in London. The only catch? I'm the model.

I don’t think I can do it until I’m alone with the photographer on set . . . Drew, the James Dean-wannabe.


Some call me the rebel billionaire with a camera. So what if I escape the pressures of my family’s wealth by speeding off on my motorbike with Lux’s latest cover model perched on the back. 

That is until I capture her with my lens . . . Kate. 

Maybe it’s her alluring green eyes, or her sexy American accent, but I can’t stop thinking about the way she teased me in that lacy red thing. Kate's a good girl. With rules. I want her to torch them for me and take a wild ride on my . . . bike. 

Lingerie on the Floor is a sexy billionaire contemporary romance. If you like bad boys seducing good girls, passions running wild, and chemistry hot enough to melt your device, then you’ll love this deliciously fashionable ride.

♥No cheating. No cliffhanger. And an HEA you’ll never forget ♥



“Whatever consequences that follow . . . this was so worth it.”


My fashion business is solid. Or at least it will be once I secure the investment capital I need to take my company to the next level. All I need to do is go to London, meet with the venture capitalist at Bonnaire Enterprises, and be home by Christmas.

It seems simple enough until my VC turns out to be him . . . Kent, the gorgeous Brit I left with last night.


They call me the money guy, and not just because I was born a billionaire. I’m the future CEO of Bonnaire Enterprises—a role just out of reach because of some frivolous lawsuit. Now, the only way to secure my future at the company is to take on a fake fiancé and keep my hands to myself.

It’s not going to be easy, especially with my new client . . . Liz, that stunning, feisty American whose lips I’ll never get over.

Stealing glances across the conference room table isn’t enough . . . for either of us. But do I really want to risk it all and lose my shirt for her?

Abso-f$$$ing-lutely, I do.  

Lose Your Shirt is a holiday billionaire office romance. If you like bad boys in suits and snow ball fights after office hours, then you’ll love this steamy story.

No cheating. No cliffhanger. And the most satisfying HEA

Lose Your Shirt is Book Two in The Londonaire Brothers Series but is enjoyed as a stand-alone.



“There was something about her . . . it was her heartbeat that drew me in.”


So yeah . . . I have a pattern of choosing the wrong men. After too many heartbreaks, a girl needs a break from love. It’s not very glamorous for a Hollywood socialite to avoid handsome heartthrobs at all costs, but I’m sort of a superstar at it now.

That is until my best friend’s wedding when I’m paired up with him . . . Mick, the man who satisfies all my vices—sexy with a London accent.


I hate weddings. Especially after my own pre-nuptial fiasco. I’d rather stitch a beating heart in a twelve hour surgery than be the best man at my brother’s wedding.

It was supposed to be a forgettable trip to New York until her . . . Beau, the sexy bridesmaid who wants a hot doc to show her his bedside manner.

Only one night of pure pleasure and I can’t get her off my mind. Two months later, she’s out of my dreams and in my hospital after her movie mogul father ends up on my table. I repair his heart but have no idea what’s going to happen to mine when she tells me about the two pink lines on her pregnancy test.

Having a family is a dream I forgot about but is it what she wants?

Bedside Manor is a sexy & sweet billionaire medical and secret baby romance. If you like Mick-dreamy doctors, steamy private jet rendezvouses, and heart racing romances, then you’ll swoon over this satisfying love story.  

♥No cheating. No cliffhanger. And an HEA that will make your heart skip a beat♥

Bedside Manor is Book Three in The Londonaire Brothers Series but is enjoyed as a stand-alone.

Londonaire Brothers Boxed Set Transparent.png


600 pages of 3 British billionaire brothers and 3 American sweethearts with chemistry so hot it’ll melt your kindle!

Get whisked away on page one to Londonaire Land where the penthouses are fabulous, the adventures are thrilling, and the pleasure never stops . . .

The Londonaire Brothers is a stand-alone series and can be read in any order. 



Fans of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Two Can Play That Game will fall in love with The Man Test!

She’s out to prove he’s no good. He’s too good to be true. Will she prove her point or be swept off her feet?

Couples therapist Marin Johns is in love with love until she catches her fiancé in the act. Heartbroken and convinced her life is a lie, she’s determined to show that all men are double-dealing pigs. So when the handsome and sweet James Young asks her on a date, she sees the perfect chance to prove her theory to the world.

From snooping in his apartment to hiring a fidelity inspector, Marin sets trap after trap to expose James as just another cheating male. But the therapist didn't realize that the harmless experiment would put her friends at risk. And she certainly didn't expect her unsuspecting subject to make her heart beat three times as fast…


Head over heels and deeply confused, will Marin double down on her theory or take one last chance on love?


The Man Test is the laugh-out-loud first book in The Marin Test series. If you like witty banter, comic hijinks, and the search for the perfect guy, you’ll love Amanda Aksel’s charming tale.

Buy The Man Test to get an A+ in love today!

The Commitment Test_3D Paperback.png


She wants wedded bliss. But is he ready to put a ring on it? 

Couples therapist, Marin Johns only wants one thing for Valentine’s Day. Too bad her boyfriend James has a different idea about commitment. Approaching her 33rd birthday and certain that he’s the one, Marin is determined to prove that she’ll make the perfect wife.  

With the help of an engagement guru, she's convinced that James will get down on one knee in 90 days or less. Everything goes perfectly to plan until her college boyfriend resurfaces after a decade. And he’s got his own ideas about their future.

With a dilemma bigger than a 33 carat diamond, will Marin be forced to choose between the man of her dreams and the ring she’s always dreamed of? 

The Commitment Test is the second book in The Marin Test chick-lit series. If you like sweet and sexy book boyfriends, fabulous friendships, and juicy plot twists, you’ll love Amanda Aksel’s sparkling story. 

Buy The Commitment Test to smile and swoon today!

**New to the Series? The Commitment Test can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. 



She’s got baby fever. But the stork is on strike. 

Couples therapist, Marin Johns has spent the last year gettin’ down to baby makin’ music with her new husband James. But those coveted pink lines are playing hard to get. With thirty-five candles on her birthday cake and an arsenal of fertility treatments, Marin gears up for the most challenging test yet.

Between IUI and IVF treatments, Marin’s counseling practice begins to expand while her uterus doesn’t budge. Marin had no idea that the pursuit of motherhood would strain the marriage she fought so hard for.  

Will Marin and James finally get a positive pregnancy test or will they be left behind while everyone around them gets knocked up?

If you love honest humor, ride or die friendships, and leading ladies who never give up, then download The Pregnancy Test today!!

**New to the Series? The Pregnancy Test can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. 

Marin Test Boxed Set Really Transparent .png


"Saying I love this just isn't enough!" -Megan Johnson, TipsyWriter

Marin Johns isn’t your typical couples therapist. When it comes to matters of the heart, she’s a total klutz.
In this three book series, Marin takes on fidelity, commitment, and fertility treatments. But not without the support of her girlfriends and a few tumbles along the way. 

This romantic women’s fiction series is filled with honest humor, ride or die friendships, and a leading lady who never gives up. Fans of Sex and the City and How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days will absolutely LOVE The Marin Test Series. These full-length novels pair perfectly with a hot cup of tea and honey or chilled glass of wine. 

Get the Marin Test Series and enjoy the fabulous (mis)adventures of Marin and her friends today!

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