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Fans of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Two Can Play That Game will fall in love with The Man Test!

She’s out to prove he’s no good. He’s too good to be true. Will she prove her point or be swept off her feet?

Couples therapist Marin Johns is in love with love until she catches her fiancé in the act. Heartbroken and convinced her life is a lie, she’s determined to show that all men are double-dealing pigs. So when the handsome and sweet James Young asks her on a date, she sees the perfect chance to prove her theory to the world.

From snooping in his apartment to hiring a fidelity inspector, Marin sets trap after trap to expose James as just another cheating male. But the therapist didn't realize that the harmless experiment would put her friends at risk. And she certainly didn't expect her unsuspecting subject to make her heart beat three times as fast…


Head over heels and deeply confused, will Marin double down on her theory or take one last chance on love?


The Man Test is the laugh-out-loud first book in The Marin Test series. If you like witty banter, comic hijinks, and the search for the perfect guy, you’ll love Amanda Aksel’s charming tale.

Buy The Man Test to get an A+ in love today!

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