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THIS is what you REALLY want . . .

Last week I asked you what you LOVE about reading romance, romcom, and women's fiction. Why did I do that? Because I need to know what you REALLY want our of your reading experience. There was one word you used so many times that it became etched in my brain. Can you guess what it was? 


Oh, man, . I get it. I totally get it. Me too. There's nothing better than diving into the pages of a book so deeply that for a little while you forget about all of those pesky problems that are nagging you. You can live vicariously through a character and maybe even snag some of their insight, some of their courage, some of their humor about the world, right?

Okay, here's what's so funny about me telling you this now. FINALLY, My Two Husbands is available EVERYWHERE and it's 75% off through Monday. And every time I think about Natalie, Jake, and Kyle's story, I always think of what we've come to know as the Piña Colada song. You know what I'm talking about . . .

🎶 If you like piña coladas🎶

Do you know what that song's really called? 



Now, I know you want to rush off and rock out to the classic tune but wait because I gotcha covered. 

And scroll through the end for some giveaways too!!

My Two Husbands is now available on your preferred eReader platform!





*Don't see your favorite ebook retailer here? Reply to this email and let me know. Thank you!

Click here to listen to Escape (the Piña Colada song) and the other love triangle tunes on the My Two Husbands Spotify playlist. 

Friday Fifteen! (Trust me this is the 15 you want!)

Want more romance, comedy, and happily ever afters?! Here are 15 amazing stories, across an array of different sub genres of romance--contemporary, Christian and sweet & wholesome to steamy, romantic comedies and suspense. Yes! Click here for 15 beach reads for less than $15. 


Do you love Audiobooks? Or want to give them a try? Click here to check out these featured romance audiobooks! Plus enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

If you loved Bedside Manor, you'll adore this too!

He’s almost twice my age, my boss, and my brother’s best friend—what could possibly go wrong? A great new job with a smoking hot boss? Sign me up. I can’t deny my attraction to Josh. The way my body heats and craves things I’ve never experienced before. But he’s a single dad divorcee who isn’t looking for commitment. And I’m a virgin looking for love. Powerful, rich and oh so delicious, Joshua’s the perfect storm of wrong. Yet, I find myself in his arms and in his bed. Exactly where I want to be. Only, it can’t be that simple. With the deck stacked against us, finding our happily ever after may take a lot of work, Or will everything crumble around us and destroy the world we’ve built? Get it for $0.99 today!

Now off you go! Escape . . . 


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