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Natalie Quinn 

Age: I’d check the box 26-34

Favorite cocktail: Mimosa

Relationship status: Remarried

My most common phrase: I don't have time for this!

My friends think I’m: weird for loving tabletop board games.

Favorite song: Work B**ch by Britney Spears

What I do for a living: Luxury Real Estate Agent

What I wish I could do for a living: Olympic Swimmer

Strangest thing about me: My ex-husband lives in the loft over the garage of the house I share with my current husband. BTW, my friends also think I’m crazy for this.

Kyle Landon, the Husband

Age: 32, but I look 25

Favorite cocktail: Vodka tonic

Relationship status: Married

My most common phrase: Livin’ the dream!

My friends think I’m: Easy going

Favorite song: 24K Magic by Bruno Mars

What I do for a living: Stockbroker

What I wish I could do for a living: Retire

If a genie granted me three wishes they would be: World peace, own the L.A. Chargers (bring them back to San Diego), and a Lamborghini. 

Jake Bruno, the Ex-Husband

Age: Old enough to be a dad but too young for a mid-life crisis

Favorite cocktail: I don’t drink . . . anymore

Relationship status: Divorced, it’s complicated  

My most common phrase: We can do whatever we want!

My friends think I’m: Stubborn but loyal 

Favorite song: Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses

What I do for a living: General Contractor

What I wish I could do for a living: Nothing else. I like working as a general contractor.

If I could go back and time and tell my younger self something it would be: Natalie is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Don’t screw it up.