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by Amanda Aksel 


Release Date: June 28, 2017


A sexy lingerie designer. A billionaire bad boy. One photo shoot is about to make the sparks fly. 


Kate Golden’s lingerie business is her life’s passion. But she desperately needs an investor if she’s going to keep her London boutique open. When a leading fashion magazine wants to feature her lacy designs, Kate jumps for joy until she hears the catch: she'll need to be the model herself. 

Drew would rather be free to create his art and not be defined by his super wealthy family. The billionaire bad boy's idea of freedom is a fast motorcycle ride with a hot model perched on the back. But when a photo shoot begins with the alluring, quick-witted Kate, his dream of the future changes in a heartbeat. 

As opposites attract in a way Kate and Drew never expected, the lingerie designer must decide if she's willing to drop her defenses and let the billionaire in…

Lingerie on the Floor is a sexy billionaire contemporary romance. If you like bad boys seducing good girls, passions running wild, and scenes hot enough to melt your device, then you’ll love Amanda Aksel’s deliciously fashionable ride. 

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